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Austen Hindman

Head, Bishop Luffa School, Chichester

"Business 2 Schools is a simple idea that has the potential to improve every school in the country. In the last few years, state funded schools have had to reduce their spending. Most Head Teachers will have prioritised staffing, whilst cutting back on repairs to the building and replacing infrastructure. Furniture and computers will be at the bottom of the list of priorities. At the same time, national exams have got harder. We are expecting students to compete with highly motivated children from across the world, so that Britain can be a world leader in the industries that will dominate the rest of this century. Yet, most students in state schools are waiting fifteen minutes for a computer to load-up so that they can use out-of-date software that lags behind the technology that they have on their phones. They will be sat on worn-out furniture, in worn-out classrooms and the message they will be receiving is that they are not valued. Business 2 Schools has helped us to challenge that mind-set. I was able to stand in front of students and staff and explain that we are going to be replacing furniture and IT equipment with high-quality items that we could never afford to buy new. Students and staff now feel valued and we all know that someone has listened to us."
Richard Snowball

UK Head of IT Service Delivery

“EFG Private Bank is delighted to be involved in this initiative and to be giving a helping hand to future generations as well as making a better impact on the environment. Supplying unwanted IT equipment and office furniture allows schools to really focus on using their already overstretched budgets on areas that really matter; providing tools and support to children to enrich and enhance their education. The scheme’s ethos is closely aligned to EFG’s five key values of being Accountable, Hands-On, Passionate, Solutions Driven and Partnership-Orientated. With the backing of EFG Private Bank, I will personally continue to provide support, where possible, to make this a success and urge other companies to think about this initiative when disposing of IT equipment and office furniture. We look forward to seeing this scheme flourish.”
Rebeckah Gillingham

Customer Success Manager, Thomson Reuters

EFG is one of our clients and Richard Snowball brought B2S to my attention as he admires the work they do. He kindly put me in touch with Lindsey and I very quickly realized that this was an initiative we would love to support. Refinitiv feels it’s good to be able to take time out from work and contribute to the community, even if it’s only in a small way. We’re believers in the importance of education and curiosity in today’s workplace and this is a fun way for us to get together as a team and make the learning environment a little bit better for Bishop Luffa Cofe Secondary School.
Mark Anstiss

Head, Felpham Community College

‘You will be aware that West Sussex schools are amongst the lowest funded in the country. Over 80% of our budget is now spent on staffing which means we have insufficient money for curriculum resources, ICT and furniture. Clearly, any free donations which can enhance our learning facilities at our school are immensely welcomed. It has actually been delightful in the last couple of days just to see the expressions on teachers’ faces when we tell them they can have the new kit for their classrooms.’ ‘We can already see the positive impact this has made in classrooms and staff areas, both from a practical and aesthetic perspective. Many thanks again for what you are doing – it is making a difference to the children in our school.’
Amelia Goulder-Perks

Office Manager, London

“ When it came to closing down our London office I was shocked to find it nearly impossible to re-home office furniture and tech equipment. We couldn’t bring ourselves to throw such lovely things away, so when Lindsey suggested donating items to schools I was absolutely thrilled. Not only were the items spared their fate on the scrap heap, they also went to a genuinely deserving home. The schools sent their own teams to collect everything which helped us vastly and saved me a great deal of time and stress when I needed it most. I consider myself very privileged to have access to such wonderful facilities and being able to give back has been one of the most ethically responsible, rewarding experiences of my life. I’m so grateful to have been asked to be part of the project. I’m so excited for the future now I’ve seen the success of this initiative first-hand.”
Paul Dockley

Managing Director, Scouting4Jobs

Scouting4Jobs Ltd stands shoulder to shoulder with Business2Schools in ensuring our young people have the best start to their educational and a working life. So often businesses struggle to identify where they can easily offer support to young people, Business2Schools is such a smart initiative in so many ways. It harnesses recycling, provides effective donation, entrepreneurial vision and delivers for young people an inspirational natural working environment. Feeling valued as a young person is the cornerstone to personal development. At Scouting4Jobs we know those young people who feel supported give of their best. For once business can readily deliver this.”
Stuart White

Assistant Headteacher, Bishop Luffa School, Chichester

"The recycling project has so far saved Bishop Luffa School thousands in expenditure we would have had to undertake replacing monitors, pc’s, UPS for servers and basic office furniture. The project has also allowed us to reduce printing costs and improve workflow by providing dual screens in most offices; this would not have happened without the donated equipment as the limited resources we have are focused on maintaining and improving our student facing IT. The project has also allowed upgrades to office, library and furniture including chairs and conference tables which would not have been possible otherwise. All of this means that we can limit the impact of tight budgets on the learning environment, maintain a modern, professional environment for meetings and visitors and most importantly, focus resources on improving the use of new technology in teaching and learning rather than just about maintaining our existing infrastructure and resources. We are delighted to be one of the flagship schools for this fantastic project initiative and will encourage as many schools as possible to get involved.“
Philip Craig

Head, Rose Green Junior School, Bognor Regis

“Business2Schools offered us a range of IT and office equipment, which has been a huge benefit to our school. At a time, where we are experiencing a shortage of funding this additional equipment has been invaluable. In particular, the PCs have made such a difference in our classrooms across the whole school, and have helped increase the pace of lesson delivery, as well as saving us about £5,000. With more teaching, learning and assessment initiatives moving online, we do not always have enough laptops or PCs for children to carry out the next module or assessment, and those we do have are very slow which is frustrating for both children and staff. The acquisition of office furniture and accessories has been fantastic for our core office team, which is a key hub of our school. This has helped ensure our valuable office team carry out their roles effectively whilst supporting our staff, children and parents to the highest level. Our aim at Rose Green Junior is to provide our children the very best and we do so with the resources that we have. IT equipment is very expensive and constantly needs investment as it goes out-of-date very quickly, but this is money we do not have. These new acquisitions has made a huge difference in ensuring our resources go further, which will only benefit our children and promote their learning.”
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