Business To Schools Initiative

If your business is moving, or you’re updating your computers and office furniture, why don’t you think about donating the things you no longer need to Business2Schools?

When a Mayfair based hedge fund was moving their London office last year, their space needed dismantling and they were looking for a home for desks, chairs, boardroom tables, pcs, stationery; and various other things they had accumulated over their time in London. We suggested that these items might be well received by a school; and that’s where our initiative was created.

The value to the school means they can reserve their budgets for pupil needs rather than spend them on infrastructure. The items donated, particularly pcs and monitors are far more powerful, with a longer life than anything a school could ever afford. Furniture is of superior quality which enables schools to upgrade the environment in which our children learn. The businesses that have been involved have loved seeing their furniture rehomed, with everything possible being recycled to support education.

More powerful pcs have allowed schools to run software that had otherwise not been possible. One A-level media class now has the pcs it needs for its syllabus, which is running on former hedge fund desktops. Putting several pcs in primary school classrooms instead of one, accelerates maths and reading programs, with children completing levels faster.

We’ve managed to sell items that the schools don’t need on our ebay account and Business2Schools can donate things like sports kits and student prizes with the proceeds. We would like to enable more children to have the opportunity to participate in the Scouts or Duke of Edinburgh Award and support life skills that all children should have access to.

Businesses are donating their time to volunteer. They’re painting schools, helping with groundwork and engaging with students. It’s great networking with fantastic opportunities for businesses and students to build closer relationships.

Our growing list of partners have been amazing in getting behind the initiative to donate items or time so we can improve schools in the UK.

Our growing list of schools have received items that will give students assets of better quality, raising their aspirations and work ethic.

Please support this initiative if you can, so that together we can make a sustainable and positive impact on schools, creating better opportunities in the future for children in the UK.

It’s a great way to measure your corporate social responsibility and environmental social governance. Most of all, it’s the best ethical and environmental way we can improve schools and shape our children’s future.

Lindsey Parslow

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