MMRIT donates over £45,000 in IT equipment to The Regis School – a secondary 11-18 academy in West Sussex.
6/16/19, 5:51 PM

Commercial IT Equipment is given a new lease of life for students aged 11-18 years

With over ten years of austerity cuts hitting services up and down the country, the education sector has seen a reduction in government funding making it a real struggle for many schools across the country to provide students and staff with the facilities they desperately need.

At MMRIT, we believe that education is pivotal to a child’s learning and development and every child should be given the same opportunities to learn and develop regardless of their background.

With this in mind, we have joined the Business2Schools initiative as part of our corporate social responsibility strategy.

Many of our clients operate within the financial, legal and professional services sector and it is paramount they use the latest IT equipment. As part of assisting with their IT roadmaps and office moves, we offer to give IT equipment and office furniture that would be heading for disposal a new lease of life.

This is where Business2Schools come in. They have launched an initiative in the UK to ensure that anything a business doesn’t want, such as old IT infrastructure and office furniture is instead offered to a school for a second life.

According to Business2Schools:

“even if the equipment is two or three years old it is going to be in a far more superior condition or higher specification than anything a school would have even if the school were buying from new”.

Carl Chapman, Managing Director of MMRIT comments:

“we now employ over 50 members of staff as we’ve continued to grow since we started trading thirty years ago. We’ve relied on businesses to support us, so it’s only fair the school communities reap those rewards too, and more importantly, we give a better experience for children and students.

We are pleased we’ve joined this wonderful initiative and would urge any business that has valuable items that could be given a second lease of life and put to good use to join the programme.

Our donation to Business2Schools, which was allocated to The Regis School, included some of our very own office furniture and some old IT equipment from our clients. These included laptops, desktops, monitors, docking stations and dual monitors with arms. The Regis School are very appreciative of our donation, which has been estimated to be worth over £45,000 to the school.”

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your IT infrastructure or how you can dispose of old equipment, please contact us.





Published Date: 6/16/19, 5:51 PM

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